Hello and welcome.

I am an artist primarily working with abstract,

mixed media collages and paintings on paper, canvas and wood. 
I am also now offering limited edition high quality Giclee Prints on archival paper of much of the work you see here on my site. If interested, please contact me. 

My work approach is intuitive, physical and process-driven,
utilizing vintage and found  papers, fabric remnants, acrylic  paint, plaster and mediums, amongst other materials
which I am inspired by.  Sometimes the work has  elements of geometry and textiles, or is reminiscent of architecture or distressed surfaces around us; other times it suggests detailed, abstracted surfaces within nature. I work with vintage books in my online shop, so I am continuously intrigued by words, history, language, handwriting, fonts and old books, which often find their way into my collages, as well. I challenge myself to dig deep within each piece, whether small or large, and delve into the layers as they reveal themselves in the work process.  Sometimes variations on a theme evolves in a body of work or I begin a piece anew, propelling a fresh body of work.  
I thoroughly enjoy making art and have been showing and selling up and down the east coast for over 3o years.  
Feel free to contact me with any questions or  
                     interest in purchasing or showing my work at [email protected]. Thanks for looking!

                      (My etsy shops for vintage books or my handmade coasters are above my picture top left)

*All art work images belong to me and cannot be reproduced or re-sold without my permission.